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Disneyworld Parks
& Resorts

Disneyworld has four theme parks spanning 40 square miles, including 24 theme Resort Hotels, waterparks, shopping, and more. 

Magic Kingdom 

Since 1971, The Magic Kingdom has been a fantastical world that has become a core memory for millions of people worldwide. It is a place to come to experience joy, share happiness, and create moments that live with you forever. In this immersive kingdom, good always triumphs, days are filled with magic and pixie dust, and pirates sing their merry songs into the dusk.

Image by Gui Avelar


Epcot has:


Alien superheroes

Entire Countries

The entire history of civilization as we know it, narrated by Judy Dench


Animal Kingdom 

The Tree of Life greets you as you enter, and will be your compass as you navigate through lands of wild safaris, distant Himalayan mountains, and even get to venture off-planet to the alien land of Pandora. As Disney's largest theme park, Animal Kingdom has a lot of adventure to offer. 

Hollywood Studios

Haunted 1930s charm. A galaxy far, far away. Toys that go on adventures when you're not looking...

And Muppets. 

Hollywood Studios has all of that, and more. 

Worlds inside the parks

Within each park is a special world waiting for you. It's not just about the rides and food, it's about immersing yourself in a fantasy, with every detail attuned and refined to create an experience unlike any other. Each world-within-a-world has it's own specially themed dining, decor, and characters waiting for you to uncover the magic. 

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